About Ujima House

Founded in 2009, YPF's home at Ujima House is Canada’s only father-focused parenting centre.
Our programs and community events are all culturally centred and family focused. In the past year, we hosted our highly successful annual Father's Day and Kwanzaa events at Ujima House. We participated in the National Black Summit and conducted literacy workshops at the Afrocentric Alternative School.

Father and Son
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In a model of a home away from home, Ujima House is a child friendly space where young fathers can learn and bond with their children. Ujima house was designed to reflect the comfort and sensibilities needed to create an environment conducive to young men feeling at ease.

Moreover YPF has created a space where Young & Potential Fathers can receive mentorship, support and be engaged in dialogues about issues relevant to them as fathers, racialized youth, and to receive life skills supports for them and their children.

The space was named Ujima House using Ujima a Kwanzaa principle that means Collective Work & Responsibility (To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers’ and sisters’ problems our problems, and to solve them together.)  We believe that as a community we must work collectively to adress the systemic barriers that face our our brothers’ and sisters’ more specifically our young fathers and young children.


Ujima House

community space includes:

  • A community board room

  • A barbers corner

  • A small community room

  • A parents and child play are with toys, games, arts and crafts supplies

  • Computers resources stations

  • Community Kitchen for nutritious cooking

  • Lounge space for discussions